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EF1 SLR Camera Wrist Strap
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Imported pure cotton material: Choose comfortable fabric and super breathable, let your body breathe freely.

Super durable Velcro: easy to use, easy to adjust the tightness at any time.

Brand LOGO: Brand logo can better show high-end taste.

Take pictures and protect your wrists correctly: it can prevent wrist joints from spraining ligaments, 

and can also ensure the safety of the camera.

Imported base: easy to install and remove / no tools required, just hand-screw. 

(1/4 screw hole at the bottom of the base does not affect the use of tripod head)

Foldable use: soothes the impact of muscles, reduces the accumulation of fatigue, and can prevent wrist ligaments.

"Mesh" buckle: You can use it with the camera shoulder strap while using the wrist strap.



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